Transportation Devices


It all began with a cell—
One cell that failed to replicate in the proper way…

More defective cells were produced, and eventually, his body began to fail him.
I went for the first time, not knowing what I would  see.

A neatly framed pastel landscape of wild grasses in the breeze hung at his bedside in an attempt to convince him that the pain did not exist.
Beeping, twitching.
I could not penetrate the crisp linen that paralyzed him.

Though we were young, we knew of passion.
This man’s passion rested in transforming lifeless spaces into transportation devices–enabling anyone who encountered them to escape to another place and time.
His dependence on these devices was obvious to us. And by clinging to this, we could cling to him.
Attemping to reconcile the decay of physical connection with our father, we began to paint for him. We sought hard after the device that would make these four walls a better place, much unlike the pastel landscape that had failed him.
Satisfaction was mutual.

I have developed a dependence on art for this reason—to locate these connections between people and define them as well as to pinpoint where and through what [object or experience] do two lives intersect one another. Through the language of the photograph, I strive to rescue these ties from their intangible state and establish them as object—like bridges built between people and cultures at large.
In this series of works, I have also explored my fascination with the object as a transportation device in itself—one that can connect people…or isolate them.

Pool Mockup

BFA Thesis // University of Florida, 2009

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